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About Boza Labs

In Boza Labs, we are working as your technical partner in order to create web systems and mobile applications which can change and disrupt existing business models.

Because we are on the same page, we understand you and want to help you solve your business and technical problems. We offer a better technology than you dream in a shorter time than you estimate!

If you say that being an entrepreneur is not a choice for me it's my destiny, you are in the right place.

What we do

Look at which services we get our hands dirty

Product Discovery & UX

Reviewing of user needs & business objectives and designing the user experience

Design & Development

Designing and developing fast, highly secure and bug free web systems & mobile applications

Organization and Hiring

Determining of right roles and hiring right co-founders and/or employees for that roles

Post Launch Support

Giving post launch support for all needs from marketing to operations until the great exit or IPO

Our systems are


Why Boza Labs

Only four reasons out of hundrends to work with us!
Experience in VC's

Having organic ties with the Boza VC team, which has more than 20 years of VC experience

Talented Coders

Experienced, talented and somewhat obsessed technical team with business start-up experience

Business Network

Opportunity of sharing same network with the most respected business people of Turkish Business World

Dynamics of Geography

Both business development and technical team know the dynamics of geography

Our Portfolio

They are worth to unable to sleep
Project Example


On-Demand Expertise Platform
Project Example


Translator Platform
Project Example

applied AI

World's first B2B AI platform
Project Example


Mother's Food Delivery Service
Project Example


Freelance Expertise Platform

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